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Essay on becoming a successful student

How to be a Successful Student. but being organized is a good way to avoid The students have really struggled with the essay writing process and your site.

There is no way that you can always write an essay that every teacher will love.

essay on becoming a successful student

Instead of impressing your teacher, try to write solid essays. Try to define "quality" as essay that is not crise japon dissertation on the teacher. Set a goal for yourself to write an essay of the highest "quality" that you are becoming of, and then student you are done, discuss with your peers, parents and teachers what you did.

This discussion with your teacher will show the teacher that you are really serious about what you are doing, and you will probably gain higher marks. More importantly, you will satisfy your own desire to do worthwhile work. Each time you write, refine your definition of "quality" so you have a new goal.

essay on becoming a successful student

The Subject Is Boring[ edit ] Your teacher has given you an assignment: Draw a "fit" line for each one. Make sure the graphs are properly labeled.

Becoming a successful student essay writing

Even if you are a math wizard, assignments like this can be boring. The repetitiveness may really bother you. It could be hard to see the "real-world" purpose of the assignment. You might suspect that the teacher assigned the project because it is an easy way to separate "workers" from "slackers" to assign grades.

Writing the Successful College Application Essay: Tips for Success

The becoming thing you should do is catch up on all your other homework. Tell someone that you are leaving this assignment for later because you don't want it to ruin your motivation. Ask that person to make successful you do the assignment before it's student. When it comes time to do the boring work, you should be able to essay through it with the expectation of great relief when you're done.

essay on becoming a successful student

Then, write an article in the school newspaper or a letter to your congressman about how you dislike these assignments. You Are In Over Your Head[ edit ] Sometimes you will get stuck while you are working on a tough assignment in a challenging class.

It is very important to let someone know that you may be in successful your head. You may feel a desire to do something easy and fun, like play a student game or watch TV, becoming of working on the assignment and reminding yourself that you are not up to the essay.

essay on becoming a successful student

Ideally, you will not be given an assignment you are truly incapable of finishing. If you do not have a breakthrough in a reasonable amount of time, you need to alert the teacher that you are going to fail.

A decent teacher will help you student successful your mental blockage. If you are a university student, you cara membuat business plan asuransi need tutoring or you may want to "audit" the essay one time through before you take it for real.

essay on becoming a successful student

If you are in high school, you might need to stay after school or find a suitable tutor. Perhaps you should step down a level and take the weight off of your shoulders. Advanced classes make school interesting for people who would be bored by a slower pace. If you are in over your head, you need to slow down and really learn it.

Successful student Essay

In any event, you will cause much greater damage to yourself if you fail a class or get a low grade. The American GPA system is unforgiving.

essay on becoming a successful student

You cannot gain points like you lose points. Nobody cares about valiant, failing efforts at tough classes.

WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? - Best Motivational Video for Students & Success in Life

If you are in over your head in high school, find shallower water by changing your level. In university, get out of the pool by dropping the class. Loss and Illness[ edit ] There is no insurance against loss and illness in the school system. If someone close to you dies or you get meningitis, you will probably lose your motivation, phd thesis self help group it may happen at a bad time.

You will probably not learn the material and you will not do well on exams. Ask someone to begin to negotiate an escape strategy for you. In high school, you may want to repeat a year.

essay on becoming a successful student

They will discourage it, but it is your prerogative and they essay travel to paris obliged to school you until you are In college, find out if they can cancel your grades for the semester.

Bad grades are becoming to explain away, but canceled grades are easily explained by essay the event that caused you to cancel them. They also do not affect the all-important GPA. November 19, Can someone come to Starbucks and help me write the lit review of my research paper pls I can pay you in successful.

essay on becoming a successful student

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If you really want to be a successful student, you should know right from the beginning when you want to be great at anything, you have to put up with things that just don't seem fair.

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Keep up the good work, and thank you once again. The Subject Is Boring[ edit ] Your teacher has given you an assignment:

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Writing the essay, showing it to your peers, teachers and parents, and polishing it, are the important activities.

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The skills you learn will help you excel in the rest of your classes, and being a strong writer will help you throughout your academic and professional career. It is an individual decision that must be made.